What a Turnout!

The Board continued its meeting Tuesday morning while the workshop attendees gathered for the official opening. What a turnout! The biggest in years: 119 government attendees representing 42 jurisdictions and 87 industry attendees from 58 jurisdictions.

The best news: Nevada turned on the sunshine for the participants.

David Helton Joins the IFTA Board

David Helton of the Florida Bureau of Commercial Vehicle and Driver Services has joined the IFTA Board of Trustees. Check out the iftach.org to see a list of all of the board members and the jurisdictions they represent.

What’s New in IFTA

Lonette Turner, CEO/CFO of IFTA Inc., presented a summary of the organization’s activities:

The Clearinghouse: One of the most important functions that IFTA provides is the IFTA Clearinghouse, a database where jurisdictions upload data that can be viewed and retrieved by participating member jurisdictions. This includes demographic information, audit reports, and decal numbers. The Clearinghouse is also how IFTA Inc. advises each jurisdiction of the amount due to or from other jurisdictions.

Since the IFTA Clearinghouse Advisory Committee reviews quality control and business practices, electronic credentialing is a big agenda item in 2016. They’re conducting a pilot project; target start date is April, 2016 to continue through November, 2016. Carrier credentials will be available for display as PDF on tablets, smartphones, etc., but carriers will also carry paper credentials during the pilot. Ron Hester (ON) is the CAC Chair and Marc Walker is the Vice Chair.

Dual fuels: Do you use dual fuels like diesel and LNG or CNG? Well, governments want to collect tax on dual fuels and need to determine proper units of measure so they can be converted to a diesel equivalent. Here is a link to the ballot. If this is something that will affect you, work with your jurisdiction to get them to vote YES on this ballot.

IRP: Tim Adams from IRP, Inc. presented a report on FRP (Full Reciprocity Plan) but says we need more data before it can be called a success. The removal of the charter bus exemption from IRP is causing confusion mostly for school bus companies that run special for-hire charters for non-school events.  Check with your jurisdiction to see if this affects you.

Informally, we’re calling this Fleet Tax Compliance Week. Maybe this is the week you should be buying your Fleet Tax Compliance staff coffee or lunch. Or maybe you could ask them if they’d like to go next year’s meeting. As always, there’s lots to learn.