Monday at the IFTA/IRP Audit Workshop

The week kicked off Monday with the IFTA Board of Trustees “winter” board meeting. This dedicated group of nine members meets three times a year to discuss the business of IFTA. Its primary responsibilities involve acting as liaisons for IFTA committees and jurisdictions; planning and reviewing the organization’s budget; and updating the IFTA Strategic Plan.

Current initiatives include a Dual Fuels working group and the development compliance review webinars. But the Big Issue is Big Data: specifically, electronic credentials and how to use technology for more effective and efficient tax administration and enforcement.

Big data is a hot topic in business so why wouldn’t it be the same with government agencies?

As we move toward electronic credentials, the first thing that has to happen is that each jurisdiction has to move to common standards, starting with defining just what does “electronic” mean in terms of issuing credentials? The new e-log requirements by FMCSA is going to change how many companies will file their IFTA returns using GPS data.

If a roadside officer can’t trust the data they are searching, how can they rely on a copy of a document on a smartphone? Under the Board’s direction, IFTA’s Electronic Credentials Working Group and its IRP counterpart, the Electronic Credentials Task Force, are working on answers.