Every year it seems like theres a new acronym to add to the alphabet soup of fuel tax and licensing rules. The one to know for 2015? FRP.

FRP stands for Full Reciprocity Plan, an agreement among IRP jurisdictions starting Jan. 1, 2015. For existing fleets licensed under IRP, there are two big changes:

1. One cab card for all 59 IRP jurisdictions

For vehicle registrations expiring at the end of December 2014 (or later), cab cards will be issued that give operating rights in all 59 IRP jurisdictions at the proper registered gross weight for those jurisdictions. Youll no longer need to select the states and provinces in which you intend to operate, which should take the guesswork out of the renewal process.

2. Pay only for actual distance

Instead of having to pay registration fees for all jurisdictions, youll pay only for jurisdictions in which you had actual distance during the previous reporting period (July 1 to June 30).

More than 20 years in the making, FRP should simplify the registration renewal process. For renewals of registrations expiring at the end of November 2014 or earlier the old rules will continue to apply through the expiration date in 2015.

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About the Author:
Sandy Johnson is the founder and managing partner at North Star Fleet Solutions in Calgary. The company provides vehicle tax and license compliance services for trucking operations ranging from single vehicles to large fleets. She can be reached at 877-860-8025 or northstarfleet.com.